Boy Scouts

Eagle Scout

Order of the Arrow Brotherhood Member

2023 FL American Legion Eagle Scout of the Year

Boy Scout Troop 171

Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania

Apprentice Scout

Sea Scout Ship 5501

Sebastian, Florida

Positions Held:

Troop 171

Webmaster (May 2020 - Present):  I maintain and edit the troop's website to be up to date with all things happening and advertise our troop towards people looking to join a Boy Scout troop in our area.  I also maintain the troop's electronic calendar, which is what we use to plan all meetings and activities.  During my tenure so far, I redesigned the website to look more authentic and up to date under the hood (the original version of the site had not been updated in over 7 years; before and after), and am trying to introduce new electronic methods (ex. text alerts, form system for planning feedback, and redesigning the email list system) to make functions in the troop run much smoother.  I also made a lot of useful resources more easily available to the troop, which were not previously before, through the website.  I was elected to this position by the members of my troop while a youth in this position and continue to hold this position as an adult member of the troop.

Den Chief (September 2019 - November 2020):  I assisted a den of our Cub Scout Pack (Webelos II) with den meetings, encouraged Cub Scout advancement, and served as a role model and mentor for the cubs.  I helped prepare them for the time in which they would cross over into Boy Scouts, and I was the friendly face they already knew when they crossed the bridge over into Boy Scouts.  I was appointed to this position by my troop's Scoutmaster and the Cubmaster of the cub scout pack.

Senior Patrol Leader (March 2019 - September 2019):  Our troop is boy-led, with assistance from the adult leaders/scoutmasters.  We, the boys, plan and carry out events/meetings, and the adults provide guidance.  As Senior Patrol Leader and working with the Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, I was responsible for the youth operation of the troop and took charge of troop meetings, the Patrol Leaders' Council (PLC), and all troop activities.  The Senior Patrol Leader is the highest-ranking position a boy can have in the troop.  I was elected for this position by the members of my troop.

Acting Patrol Leader (March 2018 - September 2018):  During this time, I was the acting Patrol Leader of my patrol, the Flaming Arrows.  In this position, I was the head of my patrol.  I represented it in the Patrol Leaders' Council (PLC) and at scouting activities such as summer camp, as well as working with other troop leaders to make the troop run well.

Assistant Patrol Leader (September 2017 - March 2019):  In this position, I was the assistant of the Patrol Leader for my patrol, the Flaming Arrows.  I worked with him to make sure things ran smoothly and was there to fill in as Patrol Leader during any absence.  I was elected to this position by the members of my patrol.

Scribe (September 2016 - September 2017):  This was my first position in the troop.  As Scribe, I was the "troop's secretary."  I took note of discussions during the Patrol Leaders' Council (PLC), and also took attendance at every meeting.  I was elected to this position by the members of my troop.

Ship 5501

Media Specialist (February 2023 - Present):  In charge of managing my Sea Scout ship's website, which I led the effort to develop. My overall goal is to spread the word around about our ship and show what we do, targeted at those who would be interested in joining Sea Scouts.

Aal-Pa-Tah Lodge 237

Marketing & Publications Chair (August 2023 - Present):  I actively engage in LEC/LEB meetings, where I collaborate to stay updated on upcoming lodge events, ensuring effective communication within the leadership team and contributing valuable insights and ideas to drive the success of the lodge. I also craft advertisements for inclusion in our seasonal newsletter, Gator Tales, which I also am in charge of developing, optimizing visibility and engagement for various initiatives, including lodge events, dues, and our FastPass program. Additionally, I take charge of developing strategic promotion schedules for lodge events, dues, and FastPass, maximizing outreach and participation, and ultimately enhancing the overall effectiveness of these programs and events.

OA National Communications Committee

Web Developer (October 2023 - Present):  As a current member of the OA National Web Team, I serve as a Web Developer within the National Communications Subcommittee. In this role, I focus on maintaining and enhancing the national OA website, a crucial platform for communicating official information to Arrowmen and potential Arrowmen across the nation. My responsibilities include collaborating with a diverse team of Arrowmen from across the country, continuously improving website functionality, and providing assistance to fellow team members.

Me crossing into Boy Scouts (2016)

Troop 171 at Camp Barton (2016)

Troop 171 at Hidden Valley Scout Reservation (2018)

Eagle Scout Project:

As a Life Scout, I completed my Eagle Scout Project.  This is the highlight in one's scouting career where they develop a project to benefit a religious institution, school, or community organization, while demonstrating leadership to others to execute it.  For my project I conducted interviews, in partnership with the Cumberland County Historical Society, with local veterans to hear their stories, and shine a spotlight on them.  We owe a lot to them, as they risked their lives to fight for our country.  My goal, through this project, was to create a space for them to share their stories, and also for people to realize how truly important they are to the world.

Troop 171 at Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation (2019)

OA Ordeal Ceremony (2019)

Troop 171 at Summer Camp (2019)

Service Projects:

Boiling Springs Foundry Day:  My troop and I participate every year in Boiling Springs' annual Foundry Day Arts and Crafts Festival, which takes place the first Saturday of every June.  We deliver water to the vendors and also routinely go around and replace trash bag liners inside full trash cans.

Trash Cleanup:  At least twice a year, the troop walks along a portion of PA-174 and picks up trash on and along the sides of the road.

Memorial Day Flag Placement at the Cemetery:  Every year on Memorial Day, we lay American flags on the graves of veterans at two cemeteries (Springville Cemetery and Mount Zion Cemetery) in honor of Memorial Day and their service to our country.  We do this together with the members of our local VFW post.

Jack O'Brien's Cemetry Eagle Project:  We assisted Jack O'Brien in completing his Eagle project.  His project's goal was to recognize the veterans buried at the Mount Zion Cemetery in Churchtown, PA.  We went around to the graves with veteran markers and documented the information on each headstone.  The information collected by us was then implemented into a catalog-style book.

Troop 171 at Arlington National Cemetery (2019)

Troop 171 at the United States Capitol Building (2019)

Troop 171 at the White House (2019)

More Service Projects:

Riley Snyder's Bench Marker Eagle Project:  We assisted Riley Snyder in completing his Eagle project.  The goal of his project was to identify benches that had memorial plaques, document the information that was on them, and make a map database of those benches.  This would help benefit those who want to find a bench dedicated to a friend or loved one.

Project SHARE:  As part of the Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge, I volunteered 12 hours at Project SHARE in Carlisle, PA.  I helped sort and pack produce boxes, as well as helped load groceries into the back of clients' vehicles.

Kole White's VFW Garden Eagle Project:  We assisted Kole White in completing his Eagle project.  The goal of this project was to create a garden with a flagpole to have a U.S. flag fly there.  This garden was planted outside of our local VFW post.

Ethan Jones' Stormwater Eagle Project:  We assisted Ethan Jones in completing his Eagle project.  The goal of his project was to identify storm drains around South Middleton township, for that info to be put into a map database.  We also then went around and placed markers on them that promoted no dumping in the drains.

Troop 171 at the United States Naval Academy (2019)

POW/MIA Ceremony Color Guard (2023)

Speaking at the FL American Legion Department Convention (2023)